Diesel Enthusiasts Show Renewed Interest In RPM Act

With new congressional leadership in Washington D.C., now is the time to contact your representatives to discuss legislation that is important to you.

One such bill that might affect diesel-sport enthusiasts across the country is the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports (RPM) Act.

According to Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), the RPM Act was created to clarify several existing laws under the Clean Air Act, including:

  • It has always been legal to build a track-exclusive racecar via modifications to a streetcar.
  • It is legal for companies to build and distribute the parts used to modify these vehicles.
  • A business that distributes these parts will not be assessed tampering penalties for selling these parts to individuals seeking to alter a streetcar.

In 2016, the RPM Act did not pass, and with new leadership in Congress, we may again contact our representatives and try to have the bill reintroduced, according to Diesel Tech Magazine.

If you would like to reach your elected officials, the SEMA Action Network has created a tool to help you find their contact information.

Author: AJ Rupp