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Three Reasons To Buy A Diesel Truck

The average person’s thoughts on diesel are often clouded by black smoke. Sure, there are still large diesel trucks that enjoy “rolling coal” and leaving a trail of smoke wherever they go, but what if we told you that was not always the ...

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Diesel Enthusiasts Show Renewed Interest In RPM Act

With new congressional leadership in Washington D.C., now is the time to contact your representatives to discuss legislation that is important to you. One such bill that might affect diesel-sport enthusiasts across the country is the Recognizing ...

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Ford Announces Their First Diesel Option Pickup Truck

Since late 2015, many diesel enthusiasts have speculated that Ford might be venturing into the diesel game. For the last year, photos of what many thought was a F-150 with 3.0 V6 diesel engine surfaced online; however, Ford had not confirmed ...

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