Three Reasons To Buy A Diesel Truck

The average person’s thoughts on diesel are often clouded by black smoke. Sure, there are still large diesel trucks that enjoy “rolling coal” and leaving a trail of smoke wherever they go, but what if we told you that was not always the case?

Over the last several years, several technological enhancements have helped make diesel engines as efficient (if not more efficient) than gas engines. In addition to efficiency, several other factors make diesel trucks better than gas. Sound crazy? Diesel Tech, a diesel programmers magazine, created the following list to prove that this is very much true.

Diesel trucks are more powerful

Because of the way diesel trucks burn fuel, they can efficiently provide much more power and torque than gas engines. This excess power makes diesel trucks the optimal choice for heavy-duty towing. Additionally, the torque gives it an extra kick, which means it will take off much faster from a standing start.

Diesel trucks are more gas efficient

At the time of writing, the price per gallon of regular gasoline is $2.398, and the price per gallon of diesel is $2.524. Yes, there is a bit of a price difference, but in the long run, Diesel will actually cost you less. Without getting too technical, it takes more gas to power an engine than it does diesel. Because of this, diesel trucks will use less fuel when idle, and even though most diesel trucks are heavier than their gas counterparts, they often get better miles per gallon.

Diesel trucks are more durable and last longer

If you are looking for a car with a low initial cost, diesel is not for you. These cars have heavy-duty parts that are built to take a beating, but they do cost more; however, that value often lasts. According to an article on Business Insider, diesel cars hold their value better than most gas and hybrid cars. Now, this durability does come with a price.

Three reasons to get a diesel truck

Now is the time to clear away the black smoke that has clouded the bright future you could have with a diesel truck.

Author: AJ Rupp